We believe that people are a priority.  We focus on organizational development to transform people towards greater performance, and pay special attention to creating productive, healthy work environments.
By reducing waste, conserving energy and making wise decisions about resources, we positively affect a business's bottom line, increase property value and protect our planet for future generations.
We work with organizations to maximize return on investment based on developing long-term energy efficiency and sustainability goals with action plans unique to each building or business.
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         e develop and implement cutting edge strategic approaches to “greening” businesses, organizations and buildings.  We define this as enabling people, sustaining planet and opening opportunities for greater return on investment.  Our team has a proven track record of successful, hands-on project experience that results in reduced operating expenses, greater productivity, healthier indoor environments and a competitive advantage.  We offer professional consulting services to positively affect your people, our planet and your prosperity.

Bringing energy efficiency and sustainability together to achieve bottom-line value in your commercial properties.

  • Our professional consulting services include LEED consulting, sustainability program development, goal setting, building benchmarking, meeting facilitation, educational workshops, feasibility studies and marketing strategy.  

  • With combined experience on over 75 LEED projects, we have worked on more LEED projects in Idaho than anyone else, and offer a streamlined process for achieving certification.